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the data visualization with python

your set is here-->[The DataFrame df_can = pd.read_excel('https://ibm.box.com/shared/static/lw190pt9zpy5bd1ptyg2aw15awomz9pu.xlsx', sheet_name='Canada by Citizenship', skiprows=range(20), skip_footer=2 ).....but python can't work out.

hey i download this file website ('https://ibm.box.com/shared/static/lw190pt9zpy5bd1ptyg2aw15awomz9pu.xlsx'),so here ,there is filepath changed,here i would like to show how to represent.....here as you can see the command codes below.....

import numpy as np

import pandas as pd


df=pd.ExcelFile(file) # load spreadsheet

print(df.sheet_names) #print the sheets names

['Regions by Citizenship', 'Canada by Citizenship', 'Canada by Citizenship (2)']

df1=df.parse('Canada by Citizenship (2)',skiprows=range(20))

Immigrants Foreigners ... 391 397 0
Immigrants Foreigners ... 1075 487 1
Immigrants Foreigners ... 83 107 2
Immigrants Foreigners ... 121 119 3
Immigrants Foreigners ... 64 76 4
Immigrants Foreigners ... 1642 1714

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