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Using your IBM ID (IBMid) in Cognitive Class

Using IBMid with Cognitive Class and Cognitive Class Labs

Creating and managing credentials is a drag. To help us all IBM created a single identity called IBMid that you can use for all of IBM's applications, communities, support and more. IBM employees can use their intranet id (w3 ID) as their IBMid. At Cognitive Class we always believed that most people would want to use their social identity and we have support for registering and signing in using a variety of social identity providers such as Facebook, Google, GitHub and others. We are pleased to offer an ability to register and sign in with IBMid. We believe it will be the preferred way for IBM clients and IBM employees to work with Cognitive Class and Cognitive Class Labs.

To use Cognitive Class you need to be registered. If you are not yet registered with Cognitive Class, you can now register using your IBMid. However, if you have used Cognitive Class before, do not register again using your IBMid as you will create another account. Instead, you can link your IBMid to your Cognitive Class account so that you will be able to login using your IBMid.

Using IBMid to log in to Cognitive Class

When you are on the website choose Login in the top right hand corner.

Important: If you don't see the Login menu and you see your id, it means you are already logged in. Move to the section on Linking your IBMid to your account.

When you choose Login you will get the screen below. Choose IBMid; do not fill out email and password. Login

You will be presented with the screen to enter your IBMid:

Sign in to IBM

You should be logged in to your account

If you are an IBM Employee i.e. you are entered your IBM intranet id (e.g., you will see the following screen:

Click on the Sign in to IBM w3id button and continue to sign in with your w3id.

Important: Please note, a new ID will be created for you if you choose Use a different IBMid or email.  Please do not choose that if you want to use your w3id to sign in to Cognitive Class.

Login with w3id

Linking your IBMid to your account

If you already have an account on Cognitive Class, do not use IBMid to login yet. Login using your usual method. Go to your Account Settings in the top right corner menu: 

You will notice that your Cognitive Class account is not linked to your IBMid. Click on Link next to IBMid and follow the instructions.

When done, you should see "Unlink" next to IBMid in the Connected Accounts section as illustrated in the screenshot below. From now on you will be able to use your IBMid to log in to Cognitive Class.

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