1. Choosing Between R and Python to earn the Data Science Foundations – Level 2 badge

  2. Learningh Path "Applied data science with R" not showing up

  3. RP0101EN R for Data Science -Module 4 _Question_2 is not clear

  4. what is the road map a person should take in order to get a solid Data Science competitive skills

  5. final exam : while taking it had server issues multiple times, for CC0101EN cloud- I sent mail but no response - please respond it soon

  6. Please help me i have not got data science level 1 badge even though i completed the course.please help me.

  7. Not a single video is working for this course "Data Science Methodology" and "Text Analytics Essentials - Case Study(For Cognizant)".

  8. Please introduce data analysis using R.. since its foundation for machine learning with R

  9. Hello, I am doing "moving Data into Hadoop" class, here for the lab section "BigInsights QuickStart Edition VM Image" link is not working

  10. can we draw a flowchart for all courses @big data univ. so that learners can understand what to do next after a course

  11. Hi! I have completed Data Analytics with Python course with more than the required for passing. I am not able get my certificate.

  12. Fix "elseif" on video for "Python for Data Science" (PY0101EN) - It should be "elif"

  13. How can we earn the Applied Data Science With R badge if the course Using R With Databases is not available for enrolment?

  14. Are all courses in Cognitive Class free?

  15. About posting on Linkedin

  16. Need a Badge on Tableau

  17. Reduce Number of Clicks to Class

  18. Promotion code is expired

  19. IOS app

  20. to please speed up the process of reactivating the course on spark fundamentals 1

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