Extended IBM Cloud access for Cognitive Class learners.

What is IBM offering?

IBM is offering learners registered with http://CognitiveClass.ai the opportunity to access services/service levels which may not otherwise be available though the free, no time limit, public cloud Lite plan. Those who qualify for and apply a Cognitive Class promotion code to their IBM Cloud account will convert their account type from Lite to Trial. Trial account users are entitled to access the free service levels ($Free Plan) as defined in the Standard pricing plan for each service. Please note that accounts which are converted from Lite to Trial will be expired at the end of the trial/promotional period if a new code is not applied which extends the account. Trial accounts do not require credit card information.

Cognitive Class promotion codes will set the users account type to Trial for up to six months (renewable) AND increase the memory allocation up to 2 GB and allow up to 10 services running concurrently.

IBM estimates the value of the Trial account at US$200/month or $1200 for 6 months. It is important to understand that Trial accounts do not require credit card information and no credit will be applied to the account. Cognitive Class promotion codes extend the use of the IBM Cloud services to a higher level (Trial) and do not provide any credits to the IBM Cloud account holder.

Compare and learn more about $Free Plan vs $Lite Plan services.

Why is IBM offering this?

The way we learn today is very different from the way we learned in the past. Today we are much more likely to learn on-line, learn on our own schedule and complete our learning at our own pace. Employers place stronger emphasis on skills rather than academic knowledge. CognitiveClass.ai was created to address the needs of today's learners providing @your place @your pace educational experience that is transforms academic knowledge to practical skill through hands-on labs and exercises. Many of the hands on labs require access to systems and products that are simply not available, hard to deploy, or too resource intensive for individual laptop or desktop computers. IBM Cloud provides many services that are used to teach big data, data science, AI, concepts in the Cognitive Class courses. With this offer, IBM is providing Cognitive Class learners with an excellent platform for both structured and ad-hoc learning with expanded access to more services and higher resource limits.

How do Cognitive Class students qualify for this offering?

To qualify and claim your promotion code simply visit and follow the instructions on the IBM Cloud Promotion page.

Extended Cloud Access Questions

IBM reserves the right to prioritize program processing or acceptance based on country restrictions or other criteria.

What types of cloud services are being made available?

IBM regularly creates services and publishes them for use on the IBM Cloud. Through our offer, Cognitive Class students will have access to a wide range of IBM services as they become available. As stated above those who qualify for and apply a code to their IBM Cloud account will convert their account type from Lite to Trial. Trial account users are entitled to access the free service levels ($Free Plan) as defined in the Standard pricing plan for each service. You can find a list of services with a filter to see a list of services with a $Free Plan here.

Note that infrastructure services typically do NOT have free service levels. Also, note that terms for Third Party services vary. As stated in the Cloud Notices, it is the user’s responsibility to evaluate and verify the operation of any non-IBM product, program, or service.

What about storage and things like API calls? How much comes with the offer?

Service levels (storage, API calls, …) vary by service and not all services have a $Free Plan. Filter to see services with a $Free Plan, then click on the service name in the left column to view the exact service level available for that service.

How does IBM Cloud provide access to account and/or technical support?

The best way to get support is to visit the Support Center on the IBM Cloud site. Here you will find links to faqs, status reports, troubleshooting, forums and if needed you can open/manage a ticket.

Additional support documentation can be found at Getting Customer Support.

How do I get help with my Cloud account if it is expired and there’s no where to put my promo code?

If your account is expired/locked, try creating an account support ticket on the IBM Cloud Service Portal. Request for your trial expiration date to be reset to 60 days from when you submit the ticket and state that you need to apply an academic promotion code to reactivate your account.

As an alternative, you can create a new IBM Cloud account and apply the code. Your IBM Cloud user name/password/email account do not have to be linked with your institution, so this likely a faster path. Please note your new user name/password for future log-ins.

What are the terms/conditions and time limits of use?

Please refer to the Extended Cloud Access Questions

When logged into your Cloud account, a dashboard (under menu bar in left navigation) displays what is currently running in the account to insure you can see your service, application and memory usage. Because this is a cloud-based offer, all participants are responsible to provide their own internet access.

Does IBM restrict the use of IP created by Cognitive Class students built through this program?

Any new content, such as labs or applications, created by Cognitive Class students are owned by the students. We invite all participants to share and publish source code in public repositories, such as GitHub. When sharing your work with others, we suggest you consider an open-source license. GitHub created choosealicense.com, which is a website that helps you make decisions about how to license your code. The Open Source Initiative is another organization that can help you share your code as open source.

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